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Who we are

Ganci Partners Executive Search supports companies throughout their strategic recruitment processes and organizational thinking.

Ganci Partners Executive Search is the answer to all needs in terms of specialized management recruitment in Lausanne, Geneva, Bern and Zürich, at both executive and specialist levels. A true recruitment consultancy firm, Ganci Partners Executive Search offers a level of service second to none in terms of identifying and assessing talents, guaranteeing perfect confidentiality to both candidates and clients. Its method is one of direct approach exclusively (pure headhunting). Ganci Partners recruitment consultants are well versed in the identification of talents, be it in the French- or German-speaking parts of Switzerland or abroad. In short, if you think Executive Search or headhunting in Switzerland, think Ganci Partners.

Pragmatism. Innovation. Discretion.

The independent firm Ganci Partners belongs to its Partners. They are personally committed in the research mandates entrusted by our client companies.

Bringing their solid expertise in multiple sectors and industries, our Partners are always supported by a team dedicated to each research. Our strength lies in our ability to work as a team and to bring out the strengths of each individual. Ganci Partners Executive Search integrates into its traditional direct research method, based on an established network of industry professionals, a cutting-edge technology allowing us systematic access to so-called “hidden networks”. And because we are committed to creating an environment where each member of our teams can fully develop, we pursue our quest for excellence by providing ongoing training for our research teams in order to provide our clients with a state-of-the-art service in an ever-changing environment.

“To provide an irreproachable, reactive, and efficient service, while guaranteeing discretion and confidentiality: these are the values of Ganci Partners”.

Our areas of expertise

Consumer Goods
Retail, Ready-to-Wear, Luxury Goods, Food and beverage, Electronics and Multimedia

Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceuticals, Medtech and Biotech

Industrials and Construction
Construction Companies, Building Materials and Equipements, Consulting Engineers, Architects, Energy, Manufacturing

Confederation, Cantons, Cities

Financial services
Wealth Management, Corporate & Retail Banking, Insurances and Private Equity

Real Estate, Professional Services, Corporate Services, Logistics, Transportations, Facility Management, Hospitality, Education

Technology & IT Roles
Digital, Software, AI, Semiconductors, Blockchain, Cleantech and Fintech, Medtech, Scale-up

Interview with the founder

At Ganci Partners, we are convinced that it is people who make the difference in an organization.

Ensuring that we have the best talent at the right place requires looking beyond the obvious and following a rigorous process of identification, assessment, and follow-up. This conviction and hard work have enabled Ganci Partners to become, in less than 10 years, one of the leaders in “High-End Executive Search” in Switzerland. We are an independent boutique, working in close collaboration with our client companies, as our high-quality services, our long-term partnerships with our candidates and clients, as well as our flawless reputation are our sole and unique objectives. The high standards we set in leadership solutions lead to success and contribute to the economic and social performance of the companies we support.

Vincenzo Ganci
Founder of Ganci Partners
Vincenzo Ganci, fondateur Ganci Partners, Executive Search
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Our team



Patrick Buchs

Executive Search Consultant



Mathieu Bischof


Brunella Franchi

Senior Executive Search Recruiter

Rebeca Gonzalez Grivel


Warsa Melles

Executive Search Recruiter

Raffaella Stampa

Senior Executive Search Recruiter

Marc Thadani




Alessia Ackermann


Claire Brizzi

Managing Partner Western Switzerland

Caroline Detroux

Executive Search Recruiter

Rahma Dia

Office Manager

Alejandro Henning

Executive Search Consultant

Loïc von Kaenel


Giorgia Marschall


Paola Pierlot

Executive Search Recruiter

Olga Radojevic

Administrative, Office assistant & Junior Sourcer



Vincenzo Ganci


Sarah Schoettli

Executive Search Recruiter

Christina Raeder




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