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“The constant evolution of the economy increases competitiveness in every sector. This is why the need of a high-performing management team remains strategic”.

Executive Search

Our direct approach identification methodology gives us access to a large network of specialized executives, leaders, and board members.
  • In-depth market knowledge thanks to the personal commitment of our Partners

Thanks to their solid expertise in multiple sectors, our Partners will provide you with concrete advice in your strategic recruitments and will give you a clear vision of the market, as well as detailed information for each candidate evaluated.

  • Strong national presence and proven international expertise

Ganci Partners has 4 offices, ideally located in the heart of Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, and Zürich to be as close as possible to you. Our teams have an excellent understanding of the local and national economic fabric, which enables us to provide specific solutions. Deeply rooted in Switzerland, but with broad international connections, due to the international network of independent firms IESF – International Executive Search Federation – present in more than 80 cities around the world, we have the ability to rapidly deploy our research strategies internationally.

  • Deeply committed to diversity

Aware of our share of social responsibility, we are dedicated to providing you with modern solutions to increase the number of women in your leadership teams. This is why we are committed to systematically presenting a short-list of candidates with equal numbers of female and male candidates, in order to achieve a balance by 2023 between female and male executives placed within our client companies.

  • Our goal: your satisfaction

Our responsibility runs for the first 15 months of work of the candidate : we ensure that the person is well integrated into her or his new work environment and remain committed for 15 months in order to repeat the research process for a suitable candidate, once and free of charge if the integration of the person is not satisfactory (*this represents only 0.4% of cases in 8 years).


Confidential market mapping and business succession

“Every organization must deliver profit, aim for growth, and work towards long-term sustainability”.

However, how do you anticipate the generational change of a leadership team?

How can we prepare the management succession, respond to market requirements, and adapt governance when family owners are no longer in charge of the business?

Our Confidential Market Mapping and Business Succession service focuses on these elements, as indeed the longevity of an organization relies on the successful transfer of skills and know-how from one generation to the next.

Hence, one of the main challenges is to identify potential successors to all strategic leadership functions of your organization, sometimes in a highly confidential context. And since skills are becoming increasingly specialized and sophisticated, such successors are often not available within the organization. Therefore, an effective identification and research for highly skilled professionals requires constant monitoring of potential candidates and close scrutiny of the relevant industry sectors.

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The strengths of Ganci Partners
Ganci Partners provides you with an in-depth market knowledge as well as with clear and detailed overview reports on the current situation in your sector, the skills currently available and the negotiated salary levels.


Recruitment of teams and departments

“The business world needs teams of excellence and high-performing departments to be competitive”.

How to build a high-performance and sustainable team dynamic?

Can long-term leadership be concentrated in the hands of a single person or should it be shared among highly competent managers?

At Ganci Partners, we know the importance of having great leaders with high potential. Sometimes though, a single talented executive is not enough to rapidly build capability in a certain field, industry, or region. Therefore, we have developed a practice focusing on the research and recruitment of entire teams or departments, even for small companies.

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The strengths of Ganci Partners
We actively support our clients during the integration phase of a group of new people into the organization. In order to accelerate the on-boarding process, we execute detailed assessments and set up organizational coaching.


Our commitments

“Anticipating change and being a forerunner enables any company to gain a competitive advantage and develop its attractiveness and social responsibility”.

Gender diversity
How does gender diversity have a positive impact on a company’s financial performance?

How do female executives and senior managers contribute to a company’s brand image?

Several studies demonstrate the major stake of having a balanced pool of female and male candidates as well as a neutral recruitment process. At Ganci Partners, we are firmly convinced that diversity, notably gender diversity, is a performance factor that enables any company to make better strategic decisions. Our own leadership team, composed of women and men in equal measure, enables us to take a very close look at the issue of parity, an aspect that deserves a tailor-made approach.

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The strengths of Ganci Partners
Thanks to our direct approach identification methodology, our expertise enables us to identify all the people, women and men, with the required skills and to systematically provide you with a mixed short-list with at least 50% of female executives, evaluated by an internal process free of gender bias.

Pro Bono
Ganci Partners Executive Search has a pro bono service platform to provide high-quality free headhunting services and free advices to small non-profit organizations.

Every quarter, our pro bono team, led by our Partner Giorgia Marschall, selects a promising non-profit organization or young start-up to benefit from our free headhunting and counseling support for the organization’s set-up and the integration of the best executives.

It is an opportunity for our Partners and employees to use their knowledge and skills to contribute to the wider community. The experience we gain is invaluable and fosters teamwork within our firm.


Your career

One of our foremost priorities is to build long-term relationships both with our candidates and client companies.

We are at your disposal to discuss how to actively manage your career.

Nevertheless, working exclusively on a mandate basis for our client companies, our commitment to them obliges us to prioritize only the profiles that match our current mandates.