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“Our Executive Appraisal program enables us to assess the potential of a manager in a given professional context. In addition to the competences required for a managerial function, the Executive Appraisal determines how these competences will be effectively applied”.

Executive Appraisal

Do you really know the full potential of your existing executive team? Its strengths and improvements areas? What is the potential of your finalist candidates for a management position?
  • Individual assessment

Assessing internal and external candidates for top- and middle-management positions is a long-term journey, requiring professional evaluation tools and the corresponding experience. Beyond the candidate’s professional experience, we also have the expertise to assess a person’s true potential when appointed to a more complex, exposed, and challenging environment. Our Executive Appraisal service is composed of various external tools, such as personality and cognitive aptitude evaluation, as well as systematic verification processes of personal and professional information.


  • Team assessment

During strategic organizational changes, such as restructuring or reorganization, it is essential to be able to fully understand the skills, development potential and motivations of each member of your team. By means of structured, competency-based interviews and modern personality assessment tools, you will be provided with an accurate overview of the functioning of your management team. This competency dashboard is an invaluable tool to base (re-)organization decisions on a substantial and objective basis.

For more information about our assessment service, please visit Novelia website.


Your career

One of our foremost priorities is to build long-term relationships both with our candidates and client companies.

We are at your disposal to discuss how to actively manage your career.

Nevertheless, working exclusively on a mandate basis for our client companies, our commitment to them obliges us to prioritize only the profiles that match our current mandates.